Papua New Guinea

Sigri Plantation, located in the Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, was established in the 1950’s and rapidly gained the reputation for producing the finest Arabica coffee in the country. This reputation has continued to grow and Sigri has been internationally recognized as producing a gourmet coffee, equal tot he world’s best, for more than 20 years. At almost 1550 meters above sea level the plantation enjoys a cool climate and bountiful rainfall, the ideal environment for growing Arabica coffee. All plantations are exclusively Arabica, concentrating on the Arusha and Typica varieties, which produce a finer coffee than other Arabicas in Papua New Guinea.

Main production areas:Waghi Valley, Western Highland Province
Processing methods:Washed

Arusha und Typica

Port of shipment:


Altitude range:

1550 masl

Export bag size:60 kg
Total yearly production:


Total number of coffee farmers:


Cup Profile:


Sigri Estate

Region:Waghi Valley
+49 (40) 37 85 14 0