About us

Benecke Coffee offers high-quality support throughout the entire retail chain of raw coffee imports, from the country of origin to its destination. With our own sample room with quality control, as well as our warehouse and inventory management, we can precisely meet individual customer requirements. Through strong guiding principles and the numerous years of experience of our management we guarantee our customers cost-effective and reliable services.

We work with an array of reliable shipping companies in Europe who offer scheduled services from ports of origin into Northern Europe. Upon arrival into the ports of Hamburg and Bremen we have long established cooperation with warehouses that ensure proper handling of green coffee, providing special services for blending, cleaning, and bagging coffee, as well as subsequent preparation of goods for transport to their final destination.

Benecke Coffee works discreetly and efficiently in volatile international markets, which can often pose a challenge to retailers. Our network of correspondents and exporters enables us to be present in producer and consumer markets. We support our customers and suppliers with information on market trends and relevant developments provided by the world’s best international news and information agencies.

Our experience as brokers and constant presence in the marketplace provides our customers advantages in terms of quality, price, and conditions. Our company ensures that shipments are closely monitored, regarding quality standards and packaging, with the help of sampling and testing, as well as constant cooperation with our suppliers. Benecke Coffee knows the fundamentals and trading practices, as well as the full range of possible customer requirements.

Delivery, insurance, and contract documents in the international coffee trade require special proficiencies. Our trade experts and specialists in our expedition and finance department help to guarantee fast, precise, and smooth processing of international contracts. This often means considerable savings for our customers.

Financing is extended to customers through our German banks in consumer countries specifically for businesses with delivery terms.

On the retail side, Benecke Coffee offers a variety of different forms of pricing, especially for fixed prices (per 50 kg or cts/lbs) or at agio or disagio (differential) over a limited month on the New York (ICE) or London Coffee Exchange (Liffe). For this differential trade, we offer price fixing as a buyer or seller option on our accounts at one’s own discretion.

Our Business Areas

Benecke Coffee is a medium-sized green coffee importer based in Hamburg. The company buys from practically all the world’s coffee regions and offers its coffees simultaneously to a vast array of large roasters. Since 1995, in its youthful company history, Benecke Coffee has proven to be a reliable and competent partner.

As part of Benecke’s team is a division with more than 100 years of expertise called Rehm & Co., which is aimed at the growing specialty market. Through Rehm, Benecke Coffee has access to a market that is committed to achieving top performance in the coffee sector and in the coffee cup.

100% of the company is owned by Clemens von Storch and Arthur E. Darboven, both of whom, have extensive, diverse, and personal experience in the coffee industry.

Our Quality Values

We are a service-oriented team of coffee professionals with a desire to meet the needs and expectations of the most discerning green coffee buyers and sellers around the world. Quality is our main objective.

We strive for perfection in our daily activities and provide our diverse knowledge to our partners.

We strive to build long-term business relationships by treating our partners with respect, paying attention to their special needs, building trust, and doing business in a responsible, ethical, and moral manner.

Respect, a joint purpose, and mutual trust are our central values that we live and deliver to our partners every day. By consistently adhering to these values, we feel confident in our future growth and long-term profitability.

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