Producer Area

Onboarding Procedure for Producers & Exporters

We are always looking for new coffees that match our quality requirements and our philosophy. Feel free to get in touch with us, our trading team is looking forward to hearing from you. Please make sure that the samples meet the following criteria: 

Minimum 500g per sample, complete name of supplier & producer and sample specifications and description including the following:

  • Standard Description
  • Coffee Variety
  • Cup Profile as per supplier’s evaluation
  • Current valid Certifications, if any, and respective ID#
  • Crop period
  • Intended shipment period
  • Name of Contact at Benecke Coffeee
  • Supplier’s contact data

As we only accept samples sent directly to our coffee lab, please feel free to send your coffee to:

Benecke Coffee GmbH & Co. KG
Admiralitätstraße 10
20459 Hamburg

Producer Area

Please insert the information regarding your coffee sample.

+49 (40) 37 85 14 0