Benecke Coffee was founded in 1995 by Bernhard Benecke and Clemens von Storch. They started importing green coffee from Central America and selling it to local roasters. The business grew steadily, and sustained success made it possible to procure an importer of coffee specialties, Rehm & Co., with a wealth of over 100 years of experience.

This acquisition allowed Benecke Coffee to take part in the race of importing specialty coffees to Europe in the 1990s. Our experienced and dedicated team of employees is the key to our success in this complex and risky business.

In 2007, Bernhard Benecke retired at the age of 70, leaving his legacy of success and an impeccable reputation to the company. Mr. von Storch remained the sole owner until 2009 when Arthur E. Darboven joined the company as a partner. Benecke Coffee is proud of its business partners, who form the strong foundation of the company.

The ideal composition of our team, each with extensive and unique experience in the coffee industry, leads to a deep understanding of your needs as a roaster or producer. Our multicultural and multilingual team enables the support, development, and maintenance of our network.

+49 (40) 37 85 14 0 info@benecke-coffee.de